What are the Benefits of Property Investment?

Some benefits of Investing into Property include:

  • Wealth creation through long term capital growth
  • Retirement Planning
  • Can offer substantial tax benefits
  • Stable Investment
  • You can leverage to purchase your investment and grow your property portfolio
  • Create an additional income stream
  • The tenant and the tax-man help to fund your investment

The FAA Consultant understands exactly what your investment objectives are and will facilitate the entire process for you. In simple terms, for very little out-of-pocket cost, you can have a very large investment growing for you!


Property Location or Position

Areas of current and future high demand are a priority and areas that have a strong draw for potential tenants. Locations where land or homes will prove to be scarce or more desirable in the future ensuring that the next 20 years has strong growth prospects. This may be linked to solid local government, supportive of development and with a commitment to investing in public infrastructure, such as roads, schools, universities and commercial development.


Design & Type

The design must be appropriate to the suburb and local area and the quality of the construction must be of the highest standard, with above average inclusions. These factors have a major impact on the future maintenance, the ability to attract quality tenants to the property and the tax effectiveness of the whole package.


Value for Money

Rather than looking for bargains, we insist on value for money. This comes from never compromising on the key selection criteria.


Property Management

We work with property managers who are extremely proud of their management track record.


Professional Service

Because we have such a wide range of property locations and styles, we are well suited to selecting one or two properties that will better match your needs. This “matching” process includes a comprehensive review of your current and future personal and financial circumstances. Based on a medium to long term approach to property investment, the aim is to build a complete property portfolio based on your goals. We assist you throughout the entire process, by sourcing a selection of Properties to select from, providing detailed information, costing analysis and statistics on direct Investment Property options.

We also assist with communicating with:

  • Your Builder/Developer – to achieve the best investment for you by maintaining our standard of designs, inclusions and build time frame
  • Our Finance Team – to organise the funding of your new Investment
  • Your Property Manager – to source the right tenant for your new investment property
  • Our Tax Accountant – to arrange your Depreciation Schedule and an appointment to meet at Tax Time

The Property Team at FAA have strict criteria in the selection process for Investment Properties. Some of the key points that we consider are as follows:

  1. Long Term Capital Growth projection
  2. Infrastructure plans, employment opportunity, population growth
  3. Rental return and low vacancy risks
  4. Suburb profiling and demographics
  5. Lot location and positioning
  6. Type of property suited to our client’s personal circumstance; e.g. House, Townhouse, Unit
  7. Executive level of inclusions and approved building designs
  8. Reliable Builder/Developer that is passionate and has the same values that we have for our clients
  9. Properties that are more likely to be ‘trouble free’ with low maintenance for our clients
  10. A Property that matches our client’s personal needs and financial circumstances

This list eliminates over 90% of the properties available for consideration.